Our National Culture: What’s Up, What’s Down – Ed Feulner

One of the upsides to the Internet? All that information. One of the downsides? ALL THAT INFORMATION. Tons of it, spread all over the place. And who knows what’s reliable and what isn’t? via Pocket
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Rick Perry: We Aim for Energy Domination – Salena Zito

BRUCETON, Pa. — A day after Secretary of Energy Rick Perry toured a coal-fired power plant in northern West Virginia, he sat down with the Washington Examiner at the National Energy Technology Laboratory in suburban Pittsburgh for an interview. via Pocket
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Netanyahu Slams EU, Obama in Hot Mic Moment – Lauretta Brown

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu slammed the European Union’s “crazy” treatment of Israel and talked about how there was a “big problem” in the U.S. via Pocket
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The Great Urban vs. Rural Press Divide – about Trump and Gold – Mike Fuljenz

It is discouraging how little the average American knows about the gold and silver markets, since much of the press is so fixated with the Trump/Russia connection, to the exclusion of almost everything else. via Pocket
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Navy Unveils World’s First Active Laser Weapon In Persian Gulf | Zero Hedge

Three months ago we introduced China’s “silent hunter” experimental laser gun, and now, as CNN reports, in the waters of the Persian Gulf looms the US Navy’s first – in fact, the world’s first – active laser weapon. The LaWS, an acronym for Laser Weapons System, is not science fiction. via Pocket
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Articles: Why Is the Left So Anti-Baby?

Last week we learned that the Danes are working hard to reduce baby production in Africa. No doubt, because sub-Saharan African women are powering a baby boom that will make Africa into the Ground Zero of the Population Problem later in the century. via Pocket
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Articles: Fox News Takes a Sharp Left Turn

If any doubts remained that the Fox News channel is continuing to swerve from its conservative roots, they were erased on July 16, 2017 when Ezekiel Emanuel, M.D. via Pocket
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