A surprising look at the average serial killer – Business Insider

But according to the Serial Killer Information Center, started by Dr. Mike Aamodt, a professor of psychology at Radford University, that isn’t entirely true. via Pocket
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What data on 3,000 murderers and 10,000 victims tells us about serial killers – Vox

Back in the early 1990s, Dr. Mike Aamodt, then a forensic psychology professor at Radford University, started to collect and code data on serial killers. At the time, “there wasn’t much out there,” he says. “I wanted to change that.” via Pocket
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Instapundit » Blog Archive » CHANGE MORE OF THE SAME? Centrist Republicans mobilize against draft GOP budget.Tuesday Group co…

CHANGE MORE OF THE SAME? Centrist Republicans mobilize against draft GOP budget. Tuesday Group co-chairman Charlie Dent (R-Pa.) is gathering signatures on a letter asking Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis. via Pocket
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In Hamilton’s Debt – The New York Times

The Treasury Department picked an interesting moment to announce a revision in its plans to change the faces on America’s money. Plans to boot Alexander Hamilton off the $10 bill in favor of a woman have been shelved. via Pocket
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Mnuchin calls for Congress to raise federal debt limit | Fox News

The U.S. Treasury Secretary on Thursday encouraged Congress in a letter to raise the federal debt ceiling, which has been suspended since 2015, as soon as possible to prevent a U.S. default. via Pocket
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CBO: Treasury to Run Out of Cash in Next 3 Months, Leading to Default or Delay of Payments – Washington Free Beacon

The Treasury is set to run out of cash in October, which may lead to a default on debt obligations or payment delays for government programs, according to a report from the Congressional Budget Office. via Pocket
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How Liberal Portland Became America’s Most Politically Violent City – POLITICO Magazine

On a cloudy day in early November 1979, a caravan of Nazi and Ku Klux Klan members careened into Greensboro, North Carolina, winding toward a local Communist Workers’ Party protest that had gathered in the city to march against the state’s white supremacists. via Pocket
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