50 Worst Cities to Live In – 24/7 Wall St.

Americans take into consideration a number of factors when deciding where to live, including the quality of schools, the strength of the local economy and job market, the area’s safety and culture, as well as its climate. via Pocket
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French cardinal suspends 4 pedophile priests

(Reuters) The Roman Catholic cardinal-archbishop of Lyon said on Thursday he had suspended four priests accused of paedophile activities and said their cases were known to French judicial authorities. via Pocket
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College drops suspension of Young Republicans

(CIRCANEWS) — The College Republicans at the UC Irvine are claiming victory, following the reversal of a decision by administrators to suspend them for a year. via Pocket
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Federal court orders schools to end anti-Christian bias

It’s being hailed as good news in the unfolding battle for religious freedom: A Christian ministry has won its three-year legal struggle against an Ohio school district accused of discriminating against the faith-based group. via Pocket
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ISIS: It’s a privilege to get raped by us

(Daily Caller) Islamic State’s sex slaves from Kurdish minorities in Iraq became heroes within their communities for surviving the awful treatment they suffered. via Pocket
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Gaddafi loyalists rescued Americans during Benghazi attack

(London Daily Mail) A secret cabal of Gaddafi loyalists rescued US personnel trapped during the Benghazi terror attacks on September 11, 2012 despite President Obama’s attempts to overthrow the Libyan dictator. via Pocket
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Clinton best friend: Hillary secret has D.C. ‘scared to death’

Hillary Clinton is seeking the presidency because of her insatiable quest for power, but she is both ethically and medically unfit for office – and she knows dark secrets that have Washington politicians “scared to death of her” – according to Bill Clinton’s former lover who is now the via Pocket
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