“We are still in” totalitarians flunk basic reality

As I have pointed out in numerous articles—and as websites like WattsUpWithThat, ClimateDepot and DrRoySpencer discuss in readily understandable language—there is no valid, replicable, scientific evidence that humans or fossil fuel emissions have replaced the powerful natural forces that have al via Pocket
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New CNN Poll: Majority Now Against Impeaching Trump

There’s also been a meaningful shift on the question among younger adults (53% of those under age 45 backed impeachment in September, now that’s down to 45%) and racial and ethnic minorities (66% favored it in September, 50% do now). via Pocket
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Washington’s Growing Product Line: Confected Felonies

This week my news-clipping file is overflowing. There’s the hilarious Oval Office meeting between the President and Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer for laughs — as Pelosi begs for no transparency and Schumer bows his head knowing that the dynamic duo has just been trumped. via Pocket
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Gorka’s two-word smackdown for a pompous leftist who vowed to leave the U.S. over Obamacare ruling

Which triggered a very funny string of comments from other readers, making Eichenwald look like a boob. via Pocket
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What a child’s death on the border says about our country

The mainstream media’s treatment of a young girl’s death while in the custody of the Border Patrol is a case study in how the mainstream media control the national narrative and manipulate public opinion to advance their leftist agenda. via Pocket
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Not the Christmas gift the Democrats had hoped for

The big story is that a Texas federal judge killed the Affordable Health Care Act. The decision will be challenged, and we will wait for that ruling sometime later. In my non-legal opinion, Judge Reed O’Connor is on solid ground. via Pocket
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Stop Equating Every Immigration Situation with the Holocaust!

During the past two years when liberal groups disagreed with President Trump on a particular immigration situation, they tried justifying their position by comparing the plight of the refugee or immigrant to that of victims of the Holocaust. via Pocket
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