T Rex could not have outrun a speedy human, scientists conclude

Its name may translate as ‘king of the tyrant lizards’ but Tyrannosaurus Rex could not have outrun a speedy human, scientists have concluded, making a mockery of Jurassic Park. via Pocket
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Hillary Clinton sided with Russia on sanctions as Bill made $500G on Moscow speech | Fox News

The Russian lawyer who landed a meeting with Donald Trump Jr. during last year’s campaign with the promise of dirt on Hillary Clinton had one big thing in common with the Democratic candidate: Both had opposed Russia sanctions targeting human-rights abusers. via Pocket
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Controversial Speeches on Campus Are Not Violence – The Atlantic

Of all the ideas percolating on college campuses these days, the most dangerous one might be that speech is sometimes violence. We’re not talking about verbal threats of violence, which are used to coerce and intimidate, and which are illegal and not protected by the First Amendment. via Pocket
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Althouse: WaPo scratches its head at poll showing the Don Jr. “smoking gun” hasn’t budged opinion about Trump and collusion with Russia.

People haven’t moved from where they were back in April. via Pocket
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Minneapolis Police Arrest Joel Rosenberg On Bogus Gun Charge | Popehat

Joel Rosenberg is an odd duck. Most Americans live lives of quiet desperation, working at jobs they’re ambivalent about at best, waiting for the weekend, snatching a few hours for themselves when they can, and avoiding Trouble. via Pocket
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Does Testosterone Really Just Make Men Aggressive? | Psychology Today

The common assumption about testosterone is that it makes us more aggressive and competitive. But is this the entire story? Perhaps the effect of testosterone on behaviour depends on our social rank. via Pocket
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