What the media won’t tell you about Ferguson

Ferguson was in the former Missouri Senate district of my husband, John. I know the politics, and the people there. I remember how hard the business owners fought to bring back Ferguson, which was thriving before the social welfare policies blighted portions of it. via Pocket
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‘Gay’ shame: Gross promiscuity, disease, death

MELBOURNE, Australia – Councillor Rosalie Crestani’s courageous stand against the pro-homosexual discrimination at the City of Casey Council on the fringes of Melbourne has enraged the forces of darkness. via Pocket
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Photo of boy hugging officer at Portland’s Ferguson protest goes viral | Fox News

A touching photo that captures a helmeted white police officer hugging a teary-eyed 12-year-old African-American boy at a Ferguson shooting protest in Oregon has gone viral on social media. via Pocket
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Simple solution to problem of ‘racist white cops’

So, Let me get this straight: If you disagree with a particular court ruling – or if the facts as presented and your particular point of view do not correspond to the law or judgment – then it is your right as a citizen to burn, pillage, loot and destroy the property of other citizens who had n via Pocket
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Michael Brown: Bad apple doesn’t fall far from tree

Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson resigned from the police force stating that he hopes his resignation will help calm the town. It won’t calm Michael Brown’s parents, who accept zero responsibility for their son’s actions. via Pocket
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Single Layers of Carbon Could Make Armor Stronger Than Steel – Popular Mechanics

Materials scientist Edwin “Ned” Thomas, left, dean of the George R. Brown School of Engineering at Rice University, and Jae-Hwang Lee hold a polymer encasing bullets, the focus of a previous experiment. via Pocket
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50 years After ‘None Dare Call It Treason,’ David Horowitz Rises to the Occasion

Fifty years ago, in 1964, a Korean War veteran, electrical magazine editor, and self-taught expert on Communism named John Stormer published None Dare Call it Treason. It eventually sold 7 million copies. via Pocket
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Progressive Media Failed Again in the Brown Case

The left is very good at starting racial firestorms but, like irresponsible campers leaving behind an unquenched campfire, they are not so good at putting them out. What we saw in their handling of the Brown case is a rerun of the Martin case. via Pocket
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French politician demands Paris reopens ‘Papillon’s’ Devil Island jail  | Daily Mail Online

A senior French politician has called for Devil’s Island to be reopened – as a prison for jihadis returning to Europe after travelling abroad to fight. via Pocket
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CNN is lying when they say Ferguson protests were ‘peaceful’ | New York Post

Here’s a quiz for you folks in the media: What happens if you’re out doing “man on the street” interviews but none of the men on the street fit your “narrative”? If you’re CNN, you stop interviewing them. via Pocket
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