20 Questions You’re Not Supposed To Ask In America Today – John Hawkins – Page 1

8) What’s the difference between say, the KKK and the NAACP, LA Raza, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the New Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam other than the color of their skin, the skin color of the people they hate and their level of societal acceptance? via Pocket
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Hastert paid to hide ‘sex’ with male student

Indicted former House Speaker Dennis Hastert allegedly had sex with a male student while Hastert was a teacher and wrestling coach at a high school in Yorkville, Illinois, federal law enforcement officials told the Los Angeles Times Friday. via Pocket
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Judge sets trial for RICO claims against Clintons

A federal judge in Florida has scheduled a trial for January for a case charging Bill and Hillary Clinton with RICO violations. via Pocket
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Hillary-tied think tank bashes Obama’s ISIS strategy

(Washington Times) A think tank with ties to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton issued strong criticisms Thursday of the Obama administration’s strategy to combat the Islamic State, with analysts writing that the U.S. is “failing” and needs to change course. via Pocket
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Minnesota Muslims brutally honest: ‘We want Shariah’

The Cedar Riverside section of Minneapolis is home to the University of Minnesota, some tasty ethnic foods and brutally cold winters. It’s also a known hotbed of Islamic terror recruitment. Al-Shabab, the Islamist group based in Somalia, has had a field day there over the past six or seven years. via Pocket
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Conservatives succumb to libtardation

It’s an old debating premise – and if it isn’t, it should be – that once you accept your opponent’s premises, you forfeit your argument and will lose the debate. That’s exactly what conservatives have done in the modern world. Look at the media diatribes, day after day after day. via Pocket
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Over-criminalizing in America

Former South Dakota U.S. Senate candidate Annette Bosworth’s trial started Tuesday. The 43-year-old Sioux Falls physician was accused by State Attorney General Marty Jackley of having committed what is commonly referred to as “voter fraud. via Pocket
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‘Draw Muhammad’ organizer hides family out of state

(Breitbart) On May 29 Phoenix’s own “Draw Muhammad” contest organizer Jon Ritzheimer told Breitbart News his family is safely out of the state. via Pocket
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Hundreds rally in Phoenix at ‘Draw Muhammad’ rally

(KNXV‑TV) What started as a few supporters around 5 p.m., turned into hundreds by the protest start time at 6:15 p.m., with both sides passionately vocalizing their views and waving signs in the air. via Pocket
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Finally! A stunning war story media hate to report

“I think the president should see this movie,” a decorated Vietnam veteran told WND after he attended the premiere of the wildly popular “Ride the Thunder: A Vietnam War Story of Victory and Betrayal” in April. via Pocket
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