A Column Most People Will Hate: We Are The REAL REASON Politics is Screwed Up in America – John Hawkins

What most people call a “truth teller” in politics is someone who repeats their dearest held beliefs and prejudices back to them. This is easy to do because SOMETIMES, those things are true. That being said, the vast majority of people seldom want to hear anything that challenges their beliefs. via Pocket
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OPINION | How Democrats stole the nation’s lower federal courts | TheHill

The Democrats, and Sen. via Pocket
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China Plans to Use Artificial Intelligence to Gain Global Economic Dominance by 2030 – MIT Technology Review

Though not yet as advanced as AlphaGo, Chinese researchers have developed their own Go-playing AI champion, called FineArt.Artificial intelligence may have been invented in the West, but China seems determined to own its future. via Pocket
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Blog: The PC Revolution Devours its Children in Minneapolis

The appalling spectacle of Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodge’s press conference taken over by radical black protestors, nationally televised live on Fox News, has exposed the inevitable degeneration of identity politics there. via Pocket
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Blog: More anti-Trump nonsense by the media

A suspect in the plot to kill a Swedish cartoonist who depicted the prophet Mohammed has been extradited from Spain to be tried in US federal court. via Pocket
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Blog: Was Sean Spicer sent packing?

It’s always a bad sign when an outgoing employee gets a sendoff like this: Sean Spicer is a wonderful person who took tremendous abuse from the Fake News Media – but his future is bright!’ Trump tweeted on Friday His future is bright? Such were the words of President Trump, who might not have rel via Pocket
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Blog: Founder of firm that compiled Trump ‘dossier’ will plead the fifth before Congress

The lawyer for the co-founder of Fusion GPS, the firm that compiled a dossier on president Trump’s activities in Russia has informed the Senate Judiciary Committee that his client, Glenn Simpson, would invoke his 5th Amendment rights rather than testify. via Pocket
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