If biotech succeeds with aging reversal, regeneration and radically improved gene therapy – NextBigFuture.com

Our lives and the world would undergo the highest amount of radical change if certain biotech research succeeds. via Pocket
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Elysium Molten Chloride Salt Fast Reactor will use existing technology for rapid approval – NextBigFuture.com

The Elysium Molten Chloride Salt Fast Reactor (MCSFR) is state-of-the-art in its design. Elysium’s technology is unique as it can provide base-load and clean power while addressing the current issues in the nuclear power industry. via Pocket
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10 Ways Trump Put Real Muscle in U.S. Policies, Defenses Against Russia

Something ultimately beneficial may result from the unprecedented week of hysteria, including repeated charges of treason from Democrats and liberal media types, sparked by President Donald Trump’s Helsinki summit meeting with Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin. via Pocket
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A 21st Century Recessional Odyssey | Ed Driscoll

I think that “Recessional” has something to tell us today. Of course, the circumstances of the United States in 2002 are not those of Britain in 1897. We are not an imperial power, and we have no wish to be. via Pocket
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Why Late Night Hosts Like Jimmy Kimmel Are Suddenly So Political

Late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel’s recent habit of substituting political diatribes for his opening monologue—which, to be fair, is no great loss—is a sign that late-night talk show hosts have decided to get more political. via Pocket
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U. Manchester students paint over Kipling poem, replace it with Maya Angelou – The College Fix

Students at the University of Manchester recently painted over a Rudyard Kipling poem located on the student union building, and replaced it with (African-) American Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise.” The reason? Kipling and his writings are (were) “imperialistic and racist. via Pocket
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Solutions for near-term antimatter fusion propulsion using isotope breeding cycle – NextBigFuture.com

The world only produces a nanogram of antimatter every year but we cannot store any of it for any length of time. Positron Dynamics has solutions to all of the huge problems to use the immense power of antimatter. via Pocket
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