9th Circuit Court of Appeals refuses Hawaii’s request to change Trump’s travel ban

A U.S. appeals court refused Friday to clarify the scope of the Supreme Court’s lifting of the blockade against President Trump’s travel ban, citing a lack of jurisdiction. Earlier Friday, the state of Hawaii had asked the U.S. via Pocket
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Yes, Gay Activists Are After Your Children – Michael Brown

For years we have heard that the homosexual movement cannot grow by reproduction, so it must grow by seduction, especially in our schools. Gay activists have been deeply offended by that statement, and for good reason, since it makes them out to be a bunch of pedophiles and child molesters. via Pocket
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Poland opens huge Catholic shrine – after 224-year wait – BBC News

Poland has marked its Independence Day by opening a huge Catholic shrine first proposed more than two centuries ago. The cornerstone of the Temple of Divine Providence in Warsaw was laid in 1792, but a Russian invasion and two world wars stalled progress. via Pocket
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Pope Francis Will Encounter a Socially Conservative Church in Poland – The New York Times

WARSAW — When Pope Francis arrives in Poland this week to attend World Youth Day, one of the major events on the Catholic calendar, he will face a politically powerful church closely tied to the country’s new right-wing government. via Pocket
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CNN Attacks Christian Poland – Josh Goldstein

Failing CNN, not content with attacking the president of the United States with fake news stories while ignoring the Fast and Furious, illegal immigration, and Benghazi deaths caused by the Obama/Clinton regime, had to attack one of the greatest nations on earth; Christian, Catholic Poland. via Pocket
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With the M203, the U.S. Finally Got a Decent Grenade-Launcher | War Is Boring

In May 1963, the U.S. military asked industry to supply an underslung grenade launcher to complement the new AR-15 assault rifle that was then in early testing. The grenade-launcher program had its roots in the ultimately unsuccessful Special Purpose Individual Weapon program that had begun in 1951. via Pocket
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Building a gun out 3D-printed parts is so 2013. Now, the United States Army has managed to 3D-print an entire grenade launcher, and it looks roughly like an assault rifle in the popular video game Halo. Also, the new weapon is named RAMBO. via Pocket
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