Pope Francis Says Accused Pastors Are Like Jesus on ‘Good Friday’

Bishops who are accused should remain silent like Jesus on Good Friday when the crowds called out for his crucifixion, Pope Francis said Tuesday. via Pocket
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Lawyer: Kavanaugh Accuser ‘Not Prepared’ to Testify on Monday, Before FBI Investigation | Breitbart

The attorney for the Palo Alto, California, psychology professor who accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault while they were high school students said on Tuesday evening that her client, Christine Blasey Ford, is “not prepared” to appear before the Senate Judiciary Commi via Pocket
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The Creepy Dem Efforts to Get the FBI Involved in Smearing Kavanaugh | Frontpage Mag

Don’t Dianne and Chuck realize that Strzok and McCabe no longer work for the Bureau? The FBI doesn’t probe ancient allegations like the ones that the Democrats and their media allies are throwing at Kavanaugh. via Pocket
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Kavanaugh Accuser’s Lawyer Dismissed Clinton, Franken Accusers | Frontpage Mag

And yes the partisan hackery is as blatant as it gets. It wasn’t all that long ago that Democrats were choosing to ignore abuse accusations against Keith Ellison by two women. Now they’re suddenly up in arms about an accusation from when Kavanaugh was a minor. via Pocket
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Oxford Prof Whitewashes the Islamization of the Middle East | Frontpage Mag

Christian C. Sahner, a professor on Oxford’s Faculty of Oriental Studies, wrote Monday that “the process of Islamisation” of the Middle East was not a matter of “conversion by the sword,” but was actually “slow, complex, and often non-violent. via Pocket
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Christians are a Persecuted Minority in Most Muslim Countries, In Which Countries are Muslims a Persecuted Minority? | Frontpage Mag

As refugee numbers get capped to a more reasonable, though still far too high number, the media is once again complaining that Obama’s discriminatory refugee policies which pushed down Christian refugees while ushering in majority Muslim migrants are being reversed. via Pocket
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The Worst Ex-President Derby | Frontpage Mag

Bruce Thornton is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. Jimmy Carter must be pleased. via Pocket
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