Why Do Pro-Israel Groups Keep Inviting Anti-Israel Obama Officials? | Frontpage Mag

Whatever excuses there were for inviting the likes of Aaron David Miller or Ilan Goldenberg during the Obama era are long over. Barack Obama is out. Trump is in. These people aren’t making policy. So why do they keep being invited by supposed pro-Israel groups to bash Israel? via Pocket
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Lena Dunham Experiences the World She’s Helped Create | Trending

Lena Dunham is a proud liberal feminist (but I repeat myself). She’s pontificated on a lot of issues, and always from the leftist perspective. One perfect example was this tweet: Things women do lie about: what they ate for lunch. Things women don’t lie about: rape. via Pocket
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U.S. Hits Opium Labs as Taliban ‘Take a Knee,’ Fuel Terror with Drug Cash

ARLINGTON, Va. — The U.S. commander in Afghanistan said the Taliban decided to “take a knee and change their tactics,” prompting joint Afghan-U.S. attacks on drug labs used by the “narcoinsurgency” to raise cash for terror. In a briefing via teleconference from Kabul, Resolute Support and U.S. via Pocket
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An Interview on a Sensitive Subject with Rabbi Manis Friedman | Video

“Rabbi Manis Friedman is known across the globe as an author, counselor, lecturer and philosopher. He combines ancient wisdom and modern wit to captivate audiences around the world. In the past, he hosted a critically acclaimed television series, “Torah Forum. via Pocket
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Off-Duty Cop in Brazil Opens Fire on Suspects While Holding Baby

A police officer from Sao Paulo, Brazil, may qualify for Officer of the Year after his heroic actions thwarted an armed robbery, but he may not qualify for Father of the Year. Off-duty officer Sgt. via Pocket
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The income tax system cannot be fixed. It must be destroyed.

It’s not just that the income tax system is broken; like the protagonist in classic Greek tragedy, it was fatally flawed from the start. It violates every principle of good government. via Pocket
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ISIS Fighters in Germany Arrested For Planning Another Christmas Market Attack

On Tuesday morning, 500 German police officers carried out anti-terror raids, detaining six Syrian refugees suspected of fighting for the Islamic State (ISIS). Authorities say they were planning a terror attack six days before Christmas. via Pocket
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