What’s going right in Iraq

Jeff Jacoby of the Boston Globe writes of half a dozen good-news stories in Iraq.


New Iraqi Government Wants Brutal Policing

According to the StrategyPage, Iraqis know only one way to deal with crime, and it involves far more brutal and arbitrary tactics than Americans use.

Calling the Islamic Reform Bluff

Robert Spencer writing in Human Events notes that Islam is different — and it isn’t just Franklin Graham and Jerry Falwell who say this, but Muslims themselves. . . . the widespread Western assumption about Islam — that because it is a religion, it contains core teachings of love, peace and brotherhood that people of good will can emphasize against those who would twist the religion to contrary purposes — begins to ring hollow.

Saudis deserve punishment

The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom recommended Saudi Arabia join Burma, China, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, and Sudan on the list of Countries of Particular Concern, for engaging in severe violations of religious freedom, which could result in sanctions.

Political Science Targets Suicide Terrorism. Bystanders: Take Cover! by Martin Kramer

The study of terrorism is the orphan of Middle Eastern studies. The Middle East academics, whose self-appointed mission is to cast their subject matter in a favorable light, simply avoid the subject. They are happiest studying putative reformers of Islam, not the terrorists who invoke it. Just look at the program of the upcoming conference of the Middle East Studies Association: not a terrorism paper in sight.

Martin Kramer >> Sandbox Blog >> 2003 >> September >> Political Science Targets Suicide Terrorism. Bystanders: Take Cover!

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Londonistan Follies

The British government won itself the reputation for being tough because it joined with the U.S.-led effort in Iraq, quite in contrast to France. But when it comes to domestic counterterrorism, the French are far ahead of the hapless, head-in-the-sand Londonistanis – as I have noted earlier. Indeed, one can handsomely fill a blog with evidence of British multicultural lassitude and counterterrorist ineptitude.

Daniel Pipes >> Lion’s Den Blog >> 2003 >> Muslims in the UK >> Londonistan Follies

Daniel Pipes

Daniel Pipes