LEAKED: Obama Team Kept List of Muslims For Top Jobs, Excluded Non-Muslims | The Daily Caller

The newest batch of John Podesta’s hacked emails released by Wikileaks shows Obama’s transition team kept lists of Muslim and Asian candidates for jobs in the administration. via Pocket
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New Leak Reveals Google Uses a Manual Review Tool to Blacklist Conservative News Websites, Hurting Them in Search Results

New documents confirm that Google maintains and manually alters a news media blacklist that has targeted conservative outlets. via Pocket
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AG Barr Suggests Multiple Intel Agencies Involved In Anti-Trump Spy Op

“Spying on a political campaign is a big deal,” Attorney General William Barr told a Senate committee on Wednesday morning. Barr’s comments came in the context of potential Justice Department reviews of the Trump-Russia investigation and how it began in 2016. via Pocket
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Texas State student government tries to kick conservative student group off campus | kvue.com

SAN MARCOS, Texas — There’s a new fight over free speech on the Texas State University campus. Overnight Monday, the Texas State student government passed a measure to kick a conservative student organization, Turning Point USA, off campus. via Pocket
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Instapundit » Blog Archive » FFS: No big deal, just the former Obama National Security Council’s director of cybersecurity poli…

FFS: No big deal, just the former Obama National Security Council’s director of cybersecurity policy getting hired as a lobbyist for Huawei. via Pocket
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William Barr Is the Democrats’ Worst Nightmare | Roger L. Simon

Though they were excruciatingly obnoxious to William Barr at Tuesday’s House Appropriations subcommittee hearing, Democrats would be well-advised to lay off the attorney general, maybe even treat him with kid gloves, because he holds a good deal of the future of their party in his hands. via Pocket
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There is no left left in Israel

Don’t be fooled by misleading stories about Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s disappointing showing in Tuesday’s election in Israel. via Pocket
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Barr: ‘I Think Spying Did Occur’ Against Trump Campaign | The Daily Caller

Attorney General William Barr said that he believes spying against the Trump campaign did take place in 2016. via Pocket
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Barr says he thinks spying occurred on 2016 Trump campaign

WASHINGTON, April 10 (Reuters) – Attorney General William Barr said on Wednesday U.S. intelligence agencies engaged in spying directed at the 2016 presidential campaign of Donald Trump and that he would look at whether the surveillance was undertaken legally. via Pocket
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