What progressives should know about Trump voters – CNN

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Every Time Democrats Talk, I Want To Vote For Trump Twice

This article includes rhetorical uses of profanity. It’s a damn shame I have to wait another 20 months to vote for President Trump. I wish I could do it now. Twice. Or better yet, in as many jurisdictions as I can. Preferably in every swing district and every swing state. via Pocket
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Ignoring Socialism’s Countless Corpses – American Greatness

An old joke goes like this: Q. What did socialists use before candles? A. Electricity. I’m sure the people of Venezuela aren’t laughing. via Pocket
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Bloomberg – Are you a robot?

Australia will cut its cap on migration by 15 percent and issue new visas that require some skilled workers to live in regional areas, in a population plan Prime Minister Scott Morrison says is needed to alleviate pressure on big cities. via Pocket
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Democrats Want To Kill The Electoral College Because They Fear The Constitution

The United States isn’t a “democracy.” Though every American should have learned this fact in high school civics class, the smart-set still like to ridicule people who point it out–such a cliché, and all. via Pocket
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Democrats want end to Electoral College. Is it idiocracy or a rush to the ‘Hunger Games’? – Chicago Tribune

I’ve just taken a good, long hit on the Kasshish pipe, and now my eyes are finally open to the wisdom of Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. via Pocket
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Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life removed from Whitcoulls following Christchurch terror attack | Newshub

Whitcoulls doesn’t specify the exact reason for dumping Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, but the Islamaphobe T-shirt photo could be a part of the “disturbing material” referred to in replies to customer enquiries. Whitcoulls has been approached for further comment. via Pocket
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Live Blog | March 21, 2019 06:53:16 | PJ Media

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McCain’s Key Role in Fueling Post-Election Trump-Russia Hysteria – American Greatness

In his 2018 book, The Restless Wave, the late Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) wondered aloud why he was sought out and given the infamous Steele dossier shortly after the 2016 presidential election. via Pocket
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Austin Bay’s On PointRussia’s Crimea Invasion Imperils 21st-Century Peace

On March 18, 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin imperiled 21st-century peace among nation states when he stood in Red Square and announced Russia had annexed the Crimean Peninsula. “We will do much more,” Putin told an adoring crowd. Putin’s popularity poll ratings spiked. via Pocket
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