What progressives should know about Trump voters – CNN

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Every Time Democrats Talk, I Want To Vote For Trump Twice

This article includes rhetorical uses of profanity. It’s a damn shame I have to wait another 20 months to vote for President Trump. I wish I could do it now. Twice. Or better yet, in as many jurisdictions as I can. Preferably in every swing district and every swing state. via Pocket
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Ignoring Socialism’s Countless Corpses – American Greatness

An old joke goes like this: Q. What did socialists use before candles? A. Electricity. I’m sure the people of Venezuela aren’t laughing. via Pocket
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Bloomberg – Are you a robot?

Australia will cut its cap on migration by 15 percent and issue new visas that require some skilled workers to live in regional areas, in a population plan Prime Minister Scott Morrison says is needed to alleviate pressure on big cities. via Pocket
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Democrats Want To Kill The Electoral College Because They Fear The Constitution

The United States isn’t a “democracy.” Though every American should have learned this fact in high school civics class, the smart-set still like to ridicule people who point it out–such a cliché, and all. via Pocket
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Democrats want end to Electoral College. Is it idiocracy or a rush to the ‘Hunger Games’? – Chicago Tribune

I’ve just taken a good, long hit on the Kasshish pipe, and now my eyes are finally open to the wisdom of Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. via Pocket
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Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life removed from Whitcoulls following Christchurch terror attack | Newshub

Whitcoulls doesn’t specify the exact reason for dumping Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, but the Islamaphobe T-shirt photo could be a part of the “disturbing material” referred to in replies to customer enquiries. Whitcoulls has been approached for further comment. via Pocket
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