Univision anchor Jorge Ramos, team detained, released in Venezuela, network says | Fox News

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos and members of his team were detained, and later released, in Caracas, Venezuela by President Nicolas Maduro on Monday during an interview after the embattled president “didn’t like the questions” they were asking, the network said on Twitter. via Pocket
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The Greatest Scientific Fraud Of All Time– Part XXI — Manhattan Contrarian

Just a few days ago (February 19), I posted part XX of this series. The subject of that post was a new compilation of historical temperatures for Australia (going back to 1910), known as ACORN2, just out from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. via Pocket
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Stop Earning the ‘Enemy of the People’ Label | RealClearPolitics

Media figures regularly shriek in protest whenever President Trump besmirches the press as “the enemy of the people.” The phrase is jarring, no doubt. But here’s an idea: The leaders in the Fourth Estate should quit behaving in ways that lend credence to the president’s caustic complaint. via Pocket
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Love him or hate him, Trump is right about North Korea

President Trump is doing the right thing in pursuing peace with North Korea. It feels odd to type those words, and you probably will not hear them repeated by members of America’s foreign policy establishment over the next few days, as Trump meets with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Vietnam. via Pocket
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Time for Action: Chase Bank Denies Service to Conservatives | Trending

It’s hard to imagine how conservatives could be even more complacent than they actually are about what’s being done to this country. via Pocket
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Conservatives Should Worry About the American Psychological Association | Trending

A 2014 New Yorker article asks: “Is Social Psychology Biased against Republicans?” The question arose after Dr. Jonathan Haidt spoke to an audience of psychologists and asked attendees to share their political affiliations by a show of hands. The results were extreme: via Pocket
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Opioid epidemic: Did the FDA ignite the crisis? — “60 Minutes” – CBS News

We have reported on the causes and effects of the opioid epidemic for several years—interviewing government whistleblowers, doctors, and Americans who’ve grown dependent on the powerful pain pills. via Pocket
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Throwing Fuel on the Fire: Media Complicity with Hate Crime Hoaxes

Editor’s note: This piece is excerpted from Hate Crime Hoax: How the Left is Selling a Fake Race War by Dr. Wilfred Reilly. via Pocket
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