RNC Ad Dings Dems for Being ‘an Unhinged Mob’

For the past few days, the liberal media has been running interference for Democrats, denying that left-wing protesters are “angry mobs” and accusing Republicans of “seizing” on the “Democrat mob” mantra for political gain. Is that a fair assessment? Oh, you bet your sweet bippy it is. via Pocket
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ABC Regrets Firing Roseanne Over Bad Tweet? | Trending

When ABC fired Roseanne Barr from her eponymous hit sitcom because she tweeted something stupid about Valerie Jarrett, I was ambivalent. Yes, ABC overreacted. They set a huge pile of money on fire because they didn’t want Woke Nation to yell at them. via Pocket
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Multiple Republican Offices Nationwide Vandalized by Unhinged Leftists

Amid calls for “in your face” incivility from leading Democrats, multiple Republican offices have been vandalized across the country ahead of the midterm elections. via Pocket
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Rutgers University Cancels Lisa Daftari Speech After ‘Bullies With Baseless Claims’ Launch Petition Accusing Her of Islamophobia

Rutgers University officials confirmed to PJ Media Friday morning that they “decided to postpone” a talk on religious radicalism after more than 1,600 students signed a petition demanding the school axe an upcoming talk. via Pocket
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New Movie ‘Gosnell’ Eviscerates Abortion Arguments, Exposing the Harm to Black Women and the Dignity of Unborn Babies, Saying ‘There Should Be a Photo’ to Remember Them

The new movie “Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Greatest Serial Killer” isn’t a pro-life activist project, but rather a compelling, heartbreaking movie about horrific crimes perpetrated in the name of furthering a woman’s “right to choose. via Pocket
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Are even liberals ready to kick the UN out of New York?

Martin Peretz, former owner and editor-in-chief of the flagship leftist magazine The New Republic, is calling to get the United Nations out of the United States. Although he notes it, Peretz says this has nothing to do with the inconveniences the U.N. via Pocket
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Notice to Democrats: Conservative principles empower minorities

The Hispanic 100 Foundation’s 8th Annual Lifetime Achievement Award Gala, held in Newport Beach, California on October 6 – an event I was honored to attend – was a compelling example of how the Republican Party, its values, and its platform have increasing resonance with non-white communities. via Pocket
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