Sweeping gene survey reveals new facets of evolution

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Gallup: 55 Percent of U.S. Adults Say Country’s Best Days Are Ahead

Those who said the best days are “behind us” came in at 41 percent. The pollster says that Americans are inspired by President Donald Trump’s success in improving the U.S. economy, including the job market. via Pocket
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Brian Ross and 15 Others Whose Anti-Trump Mania Cost Them Their Media Jobs

Brian Ross lost his job at ABC News this week, and Donald J. Trump is still president. That is just a fact. Yep, despite the media’s Russian collusion hoax, last week’s fabricated border outrage, fake news addicts like Ross, and Jake Tapper’s nightly snit-fits, Donald J. via Pocket
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DNC Chair: Socialist Ocasio-Cortez Is ‘Future Of Our Party’ | The Daily Caller

Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez praised socialist congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as “the future” of the Democratic Party on Tuesday. via Pocket
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House Committee Subpoenas Peter Strzok To Testify In Public | The Daily Caller

The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee has subpoenaed former FBI official Peter Strzok to appear at a public hearing July 10. Virginia Republican Rep. via Pocket
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Some People Don’t Think We Should Celebrate July Fourth Anymore — Everyday Americans Give Them A Reality Check | The Daily Caller

In the last few years, some on the left and in the media have told us that we have nothing to celebrate on Independence Day; some say we shouldn’t celebrate it at all. via Pocket
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Federalism, Bipartisanship and The National Popular Vote – Dispelling Myths – Saul Anuzis

President Trump pointed out in an April 26, 2018 Fox & Friends interview, “I would rather have the popular vote…the Electoral College is set up perfectly for the Democrats…they should never lose the Electoral College. via Pocket
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Drones replace July 4th fireworks in western towns worried about wildfires.

SAN FRANCISCO — Get in the car, kids. It’s time to see the Fourth of July drone show.  Travis Air Force Base outside San Francisco, just an hour south of the Yolo and Napa county fires forcing evacuations, is trying an Intel drone show this year. via Pocket
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Speak no more of socialism – The Washington Post

The trouble with left-wing Democrats is that they lack a proper respect for right-wing demagoguery. via Pocket
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