Mandy Blumenthal, 52, pointed the finger at Jeremy Corbyn for ‘giving oxygen’ to Jew haters by failing to punish racist outbursts from his supporters. via Pocket
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Trump vs. the Enemies of the People | Klavan On The Culture

It’s true that Donald Trump cannot yet claim a major legislative accomplishment. It’s also true that he himself bears some of the blame for that: the distractions of his chaotic style have given cover to a divided and spineless GOP legislature. via Pocket
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Inside the Beltway: 66% of Americans now fear speaking their minds in a politically correct nation – Washington Times

Critics of the Republican Party push a non-stop and corrosive narrative that there’s a huge chasm between the establishment GOP and President Trump, which could yield dire consequences for the party in the 2018 and 2020 elections. via Pocket
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Evil Is Evil – Bruce Bialosky

In the 1920s, Nazis and Communists frequently battled in pubs and streets as they fought for supremacy in Germany. After the prolonged battle, the Nazis won out and the Communists were outlawed in Germany the day Hitler took power. via Pocket
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Mattis to US troops: ‘Hold the line until our country gets back to respecting each other’ | TheHill

Defense Secretary James MattisJames Norman MattisTrump to tackle Afghanistan strategy at Camp David Four members of Joint Chiefs denounce racism US, Japan conduct air drills after North Korea issues Guam warning MORE gave a pep talk to U.S. via Pocket
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BLM Organizer Demands White People Sign Over Their Property to Minorities | Trending

A Black Lives Matter organizer has decided that white folks could use a list of things to do to prove they’re not racist. via Pocket
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Social Justice Newsletter Says Veterans Should Be Banned From Four-Year Universities – Victory Girls Blog

The Social Justice warriors in their heroic black capes took a break from smoking their weed in mom’s basement and descended upon University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) this past week. via Pocket
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