A Grand Unified Theory of Unhealthy Microbiomes – The Atlantic

The Anna Karenina hypothesis says that every unbalanced microbiome is unbalanced in its own way. In 2012, Rebecca Vega Thurber looked at the results of the large underwater experiment she had been running for three years—and was disappointed. via Pocket
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Free Speech Protest in San Francisco Cancelled Due to Threat of Violence

An anti-Communist protest planned for tomorrow in Berkeley has also been scrubbed. The reason for the cancellation of both rallies is the threat of radical leftist violence. And in both cases, the police could not be trusted to ensure the safety of rally participants. via Pocket
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The Post-Charlottesville Nervous Breakdown Was Deliberately Induced

Wars are won or lost based mostly on perceptions of events, not on what actually happens. This is true for any given battlefield, whether it’s the 1968 Tet Offensive in Vietnam or the ideological battlefield over the future of the First Amendment as played out in Charlottesville in 2017. via Pocket
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Our Debt Problem Is Really a Spending Problem

Two hundred and sixty-nine billion dollars. That’s a big number, and yet it’s not the amount the federal government spends on any of its major activities like defense, Medicaid, Medicare, or Social Security. via Pocket
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Articles: Progressives Facing Existential PR Damage from Charlottesville

Moral superiority is the lily-white garb donned by progressive true believers to shore up their self-image as charitable guardian angels of lesser beings. It feeds on constant virtue-signaling to keep the image pure, broadcast to an array of identity groups who eat up their public self-reverence. via Pocket
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Articles: Death Cultist Calls for Trump’s Impeachment

Former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich is calling for Donald Trump’s impeachment “as soon as possible.” His argument, in a nutshell: Trump is almost as deranged and mentally unstable as…Robert Reich. Let’s be clear. via Pocket
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Chilling Effects Cause Dark Sites – Mytheos Holt

In the aftermath of Google’s recent firing of James Damore, much of the criticism of the company has focused on its utterly hypocritical and alarming approach to free political speech by perceived political enemies, particularly on sites like YouTube, where videos featuring disfavored political vi via Pocket
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