U.S. Woefully Unprepared for a Blackout Like India’s: Analysis

Last week, India suffered two huge blackouts. Tuesday’s cut power to 370 million people; another one on Wednesday blacked out 670 million people, making it the worst blackout in the history of humanity. Talking about this with a colleague, I said, “Don’t worry. That can’t happen here. via Pocket
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India pulling it together on infrastructure is entering a China scale buildout | NextBigFuture.com

On a purchasing power parity basis India is about 10 to 15 years behind China’s Economy. In 2017 China is at $23.1 trillion in PPP GDP India is at $9.49 trillion PPP GDP China was $9 trillion PPP GDP in 2007. via Pocket
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This Law Is Going to Change | Points and Figures

There was no way that I was ever going to law school.  It just wasn’t for me. In high school, I thought about it but knowing the lawyers I know I don’t think I would have enjoyed the occupation.  Some friends of mine tell me to tell people never go to law school. Law school remains. via Pocket
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Why Are Most Politicians White 52 Years After the Voting Rights Act Was Signed Into Law?

Newsweek published this story under the headline “A Right to Vote, Not a Right to Win” on May 5, 1980. In light of the 52nd anniversary since the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was signed into law, Newsweek is republishing the story. via Pocket
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Faust & Western Culture — Washington Post Buries Both | National Review

This from the Washington Post sounded awkward to my ears, but standards of cultural literacy change: “Flake routinely catalogs Trump alongside evil and danger — at one point, he compares the Republican Party trying to make peace with this president to a German scholar wh via Pocket
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A Google Employee’s Awesome ‘Anti-Diversity Screed’ | National Review

An anonymous ten-page memo by a Google engineer has set the Internet aflame. The tech site Gizmodo published the full text of what it called the “Anti-Diversity Screed” today. Engadget used the same formulation. But it’s not anti-diversity, and it’s not a screed. via Pocket
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CBS Accidently Stumbles On Harsh Truth About Gun Laws

It’s safe to say that CBS and other mainstream media organizations aren’t precisely friends of the Second Amendment. A recent story about gun violence in Chicago appears to keep up that trend when it’s announced, “The problem we heard – and saw – over and over again, was guns.” via Pocket
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