What If Some Spies Are Bad Guys? – Judge Andrew Napolitano

What if the federal government captures in real time the contents of every telephone call, email and text message and all the fiber-optic data generated by every person and entity in the United States 24/7/365? What if this mass surveillance was never authorized by any federal law? via Pocket
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Trump? What About the ‘Chaos’ in the Clinton White House? – Larry Elder

In a newspaper piece about a White House in turmoil, a prominent paper described an atmosphere of beleaguered aides confused by their unscripted boss, a man who needed a “rudder on what many believed was a loose and listing ship. via Pocket
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Democrats Don’t Actually Believe in Democracy – Kurt Schlichter

Yeah, we’re a republic, but we also have democratic rules, norms, and traditions. Too bad the Democratic Party doesn’t believe in them. Case in point – their bizarre embrace of illegal aliens. via Pocket
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Progressivism’s Problem—the Price – John P. Warren

There was a time—over a hundred years ago—when to battle the forces of rapacious greed for meat safe to eat, railroads safe to ride, and tenements safe to inhabit was the noble call of some progressive voices. via Pocket
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America Abandons Marriage at its Own Peril – Jerry Newcombe

I attended an unusual wedding this past weekend. The minister presided over the wedding in a cow patch. We were driven to the pasture on a hay ride. The best man (my son) was barefoot, and the bride wore cowboy boots. But at least this millennial couple was getting married. via Pocket
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How the American Conservative Union Foundation and Sutherland Institute Are Helping Revitalize American Communities – Wendy Warcholik

This column was co-authored by Derek Monson. Strong families are the foundation of healthy communities, upward economic mobility, and a robust civil society, but American families aren’t flourishing the way they once were. via Pocket
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Texas Governor Urges SMU to Restore 9/11 Memorial; University Says No – Todd Starnes

Southern Methodist University will not budge on its decision to move a 9/11 memorial – ignoring the urgings of students, alumni and even the governor of Texas. via Pocket
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