Let’s Pump The Brakes On The Benefits Of Early Voting

As of Sunday, October 30, 21 million votes had been cast in this year’s presidential election despite the fact that Election Day was nine days away. Some are borne out of necessity; not all voters can be present at their designated precinct on November 8 and therefore require an absentee ballot. via Pocket
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I Went Undecided To A Hillary and Trump Rally Back-To-Back. Now I Know Who I’m Voting For.

I’m a proud Iowan, born and raised. I’ve seen the political circus roll through Cedar Rapids for many years, but I had never witnessed the show put on when Trump and Hillary both crashed my hometown within hours of each other. via Pocket
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Hillary Clinton’s Closing Argument Is An Utter Disaster – And She Has Nothing Positive To Pivot To

It’s pretty clear now that Hillary Clinton is going to end this election on an utterly disastrous message. That’s not to say that she’s going to lose. via Pocket
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Donald Trump Nominee: The 12 Signs That Trump Will Win the White House – POLITICO Magazine

Unless the #NeverTrump people have been hiding a mad scientist with a DeLorean in a warehouse somewhere and haven’t gotten around to telling anybody, Donald J. Trump is now the certain Republican nominee for president of the United States. via Pocket
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29 Lies Hillary Clinton Has Told During The 2016 Campaign

Since declaring her candidacy for president, Hillary Clinton has told a series of lies both about her policy positions and her own scandals which have been meticulously fact-checked by Politifact.com. Last week, the New York Times catalogued the people Donald Trump has insulted on Twitter. via Pocket
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Clinton’s email excuses are falling apart – The Washington Post

Hillary Clinton went into damage-control mode when news broke that the inspector general of the intelligence agencies had identified additional classified emails on her private server, including ones containing intelligence on covert “Special Access Programs. via Pocket
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Pennsylvania State Police Stage Voter Fraud Sting | LifeZette

Pennsylvania state police have raided two offices of a voter registration group, just as the election approaches in what could be a crucial state. Police raided the Philadelphia office of FieldWorks LLC’s office on Thursday after raiding another office in Delaware County, Pa., just days earlier. via Pocket
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