Why Did Ted Cruz Endorse Donald Trump? | PJ Media

On Friday, Texas Senator Ted Cruz swallowed his pride and made his public declaration of support for Republican nominee Donald Trump. via Pocket
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Trump to debate moderator Holt: We don’t want another Candy Crowley – POLITICO

Donald Trump on Thursday offered some advice to Lester Holt, who will moderate Monday’s presidential debate between Trump and Hillary Clinton: Don’t be Candy Crowley. via Pocket
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‘Hangover-free alcohol’ could replace all regular alcohol by 2050, says David Nutt | The Independent

A new type of synthetic alcohol has been discovered which could allow people to enjoy the sociable effects of a few pints, but skip the hangover that usually follows. via Pocket
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Liberals say media is failing because public still supports Donald Trump – Washington Times

Is it journalistic malpractice to quote each side of the argument and leave it to readers to draw their own conclusions? Apparently to liberals — who are fretting Hillary Clinton could lose this presidential contest to Donald Trump — the answer is yes. via Pocket
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Ted Cruz To Support Trump, Potentially As Soon As Today UPDATE: Here It Is – Christine Rousselle

I’ve made this decision for two reasons. First, last year, I promised to support the Republican nominee. And I intend to keep my word. Politico is reporting that Ted Cruz will announce his “support” for Donald Trump in the near future, potentially as soon as Friday. via Pocket
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Cast of Old TV Show About a President Hiding a Debilitating Disease to Stump for Hillary in Ohio | PJ Media

Cutting-edge stuff here. via Pocket
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Dear University of Tennessee, Hands Off Instapundit Glenn Reynolds. | National Review

Earlier this week, Twitter briefly suspended University of Tennessee law professor Glenn Reynolds — better known to legions of loyal readers as Instapundit — for this tweet: Twitter reinstated him in return for a promise to delete the tweet. via Pocket
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