Why the Military-Industrial Complex Loves Hillary | The American Spectator

Military contractors are overwhelmingly favoring Hillary Clinton for president with their political contributions this year. via Pocket
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Two Hundred Yards Is Too Close | The American Spectator

Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps boats harassed U.S. Navy ships and boats again last week in what has become a commonplace in the Persian Gulf. All of these incidents have happened in international waters. The Iranians claim much of those waters as their own. via Pocket
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Anthony Weiner’s Submissive Wife | The American Spectator

Hide yo wives, hide yo children, Carlos Danger is on the prowl sexting women of questionable reputation whilst nestled in his bed with his young child. Anthony Weiner is just gross. via Pocket
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Clinton Would Be Jailed Were She a Doctor | The American Spectator

If your doctor is caught accepting money in exchange for providing a health care facility exclusive access to her patients, she will be prosecuted by the Justice Department under the Anti-Kickback Statute. via Pocket
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Absentee ballot returns show spike in unlikely voters weighing in on Florida’s primary | Tampa Bay Times

The political team at the Florida Chamber of Commerce has come across a remarkable trend this campaign season: A huge spike in mail voting by people who rarely vote in primary elections. via Pocket
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Blog: Who Seeks the Truth?

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Blog: An early sign the ‘Monster Vote’ for Trump may turn out

The principal electoral strategy of Donald Trump has been the bet that nonvoters in recent elections will turn out, with some of them registering to vote for the first time. via Pocket
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