Eighty Muslims Realize That Islam Is Of Satan, They Accept Christ As Their Savior And Get Baptized | Walid Shoebat

Close to 80 Muslims at a refugee camp in Hamburg, Germany, have been baptized into Christianity despite the ongoing physical and sexual abuse that Christian converts face at such camps in the Western country. via Pocket
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Blog: PC out. EC in.

CNN commentator, Sally Kohn, is a leftist piece of work. As such, her idiocy deserves to be exposed and mocked. So here we go. via Pocket
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The 7 Dumbest Things That Offended Liberals – John Hawkins

In a social media-driven world, everyone is a brand. When everyone becomes a brand, virtue signaling is destined to become an epidemic. When you’re a liberal, the best way to show how much more virtuous you are than other people is to become offended. via Pocket
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Blog: The Trump Insurrection

Donald Trump has at last assembled a team capable of winning this election. This process began with the selection of Mike Pence as his running mate. via Pocket
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Hillary’s Done… And She Knows It – Wayne Allyn Root

It’s remarkable how biased the mainstream media is against Donald Trump. If you listen to the media, all his polls look horrible and his odds of winning are remote. According to the biased liberal media, Team Trump should be in panic mode. via Pocket
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Blog: Trump ‘pivots’

We saw a new and improved Donald Trump yesterday in Charlotte, where he did something he previously said he wouldn’t do: apologize. Yes, it was slightly hedged, but also unmistakably an apology: via Pocket
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Blog: Trump looking for a Bob Lemon ending

The Trump campaign had another managerial change, or shake-up as they like to call them. The latest is that Paul Manafort is out, apparently over the New York Times article claiming handwritten ledgers and $12.7 million in undisclosed cash payments to him. via Pocket
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Why Are Millions of Muslims Becoming Christian? | Daily News | NCRegister.com

COMMENTARY: Muslim conversions increase, and researchers explain why. My oldest female friend (I’ll call her “Natali”) has lived in the Muslim world for 25 years. via Pocket
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