UPDATE: Guccifer 2.0 Leaks Documents from NANCY PELOSI’S PERSONAL COMPUTER!

DNC Hacker Guccifer 2.0 released the cellphone numbers of Democrat lawmakers in Congress. The story made the Drudge headline. via Pocket
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China developing a hypersonic space plane which could cut the cost of space travel | Daily Mail Online

China is developing a hypersonic aircraft to take pilots, and perhaps even passengers, to the edge of space. The design is purported to be a more efficient successor to Nasa’s Space Shuttle, which was launched on a rocket but landed on a runway. via Pocket
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Apple, Twitter, Google, and Instagram Collude to Defeat Trump | Observer

My dad always told me that conservative candidates have to work twice as hard as their liberal opponents to win elections because they’re fighting two opponents: the Democratic Party and the media. via Pocket
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Hacker Publishes List Of Cell Phone Numbers, Private E-Mails For Most House Democrats | The Smoking Gun

After disappearing for a couple of weeks, the hacker “Guccifer 2.0” returned late this afternoon to provide a new headache for Democrats. via Pocket
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TaxProf Blog

On July 25th Professor Stephen Diamond criticized my use of IRS income statistics to discuss the earnings of solo practitioners on his blog.  I responded to Professor Diamond in the comments.  On July 26, 2016 Professor Michael Simkovic published a number of critiques here. via Pocket
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Did This Chinese Billionaire Spark A Clinton Investigation? | The Daily Caller

A Clinton Foundation donor’s financial activity was suspicious enough for FBI and Justice Department officials to meet earlier this year to consider opening an investigation into the Clinton family charity. via Pocket
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FLASHBACK: Hillary Clinton Once Accused Donald Trump of Working for the Islamic State | PJ Media

Long before Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton and President Obama the co-founders of the Islamic State, the Democrats’ nominee for president said that Mr. Trump was “becoming ISIS’ best recruiter.” Mrs. via Pocket
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Movement for Black Lives Accuses Israel of Genocide | PJ Media

The Movement for Black Lives, which encompasses a slew of organizations associated with Black Lives Matter, has issued its platform. via Pocket
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When a presidential race rages out of control – Washington Times

It’s the conceit of every generation that horses have never been faster, whisky has never been older, beautiful women have never been younger — and politics have never been rowdier. But maybe our generation has a legitimate claim. The clown vs. the crook, the vulgarian vs. via Pocket
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Video shows St. Jude patient thrown to ground by security personnel | FOX13

A St Jude patient and her mother are suing TSA, the Memphis Shelby County Airport Authority, and its police department after a security screening got physical. >> Read more trending stories FOX13 obtained surveillance video of the incident. via Pocket
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