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At Washington Post, mum’s the word on JournoList | Washington Examiner

If any large publication stands to suffer from the JournoList controversy, it’s the Washington Post.  The paper hired JournoList founder Ezra Klein from the left-wing publication The American Prospect, and Klein continued to run JournoList while at the Post. via Pocket
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The Ambitious Education Plan of the Black Lives Matter Movement – The Atlantic

Activists are calling for an end to charter schools and juvenile detention centers. Updated on August 5 at 2:07 p.m. ET via Pocket
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Daily Beast Pundit Michael Tomasky Ponders ‘The Impossibility of a Leftist Trump’

According to The Daily Beast’s Michael Tomasky, Democrats shouldn’t feel lucky that they haven’t dealt with a loose-cannon celebrity candidate à la Donald Trump. Rather, they should be proud that their party wouldn’t come close to nominating anyone like that in the first place. via Pocket
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Good news—the robocalling scourge may not be unstoppable after all | Ars Technica

New data shows that the majority of robot-enabled scam phone calls came from fewer than 40 call centers, a finding that offers hope the growing menace of robocalls can be stopped. via Pocket
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How Campuses Encourage Racial Balkanization – The American Interest

American colleges and universities are gearing up for the 2016-2017 academic year, which means the American public can start to expect a steady stream of political lunacy from overzealous 19 year-olds and the diversity bureaucrats who manage them. via Pocket
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the Foresight Institute » Blog Archive » Atomically precise location of dopants a step toward quantum computers

A couple months ago we cited the demonstration of a quantum simulator with dopant atoms placed in silicon with atomic precision. The same Australian and New Jersey teams have since further advanced the prospects for tomorrow’s silicon-based quantum computers. via Pocket
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