Why Rubio Lost | The Weekly Standard

With Marco Rubio dropping out tonight, you’re going to hear a lot of theorizing about why he lost. It was the Gang of Eight. It was Trump. It was the anger. It was the out-of-touch elites. None of this is correct. For a long time Marco Rubio was the odds-on favorite to be the Republican nominee. via Pocket
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Here we go: Seven Republican senators willing to meet with Obama’s SCOTUS nominee « Hot Air

The first stage in any surrender is envoys from the retreating army seeking a meeting with the advancing force, to “talk.” Dude, it’s happening. Sen. via Pocket
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Rubio: There will be a “reckoning” for conservatives who support Trump « Hot Air

Via BuzzFeed, between this and Saturday’s viral video, it’s now crystal clear that this guy is going #NeverTrump. Not today, but soon. I wouldn’t even rule out him doing it tomorrow night in his concession speech. via Pocket
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Last night’s exit poll: 39% of Republican voters would consider a third party in a Trump/Hillary election « Hot Air

Whoever ends up being nominated, at least a quarter of the party will be very unhappy. via Pocket
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Ben Carson: Trump comparing me to a child molester ‘did work’ « Hot Air

In an interview with Yahoo News, Dr. Ben Carson seemed to praise the efficacy of a political attack in which Donald Trump compared Carson’s “pathological” temper to the behavior of a child molester. “You have to admit that to some degree it did work,” Carson told Yahoo News. via Pocket
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Senate GOP to Cruz: Apologize « Hot Air

Say what? Ted Cruz just became the GOP’s last best hope for stopping Donald Trump, and they want him to apologize for his Senate actions? Er … don’t hold your breath: via Pocket
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Rubio supporter withdraws challenge to Kasich in Pennsylvania « Hot Air

One of the major beneficiaries of Marco Rubio’s decision to suspend his campaign Tuesday may be John Kasich. A potential legal hurdle which could have prevented Kasich from appearing on the ballot in Pennsylvania has now been dropped according to TribLive: via Pocket
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