Justin Trudeau: Canada’s Obama | Frontpage Mag

For years, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has served as a welcome counterpoint to Barack Obama, and the object of wistful musings about what a fine President of the United States he would have been, if only he had been born south of the border: generally realistic about the jihad threat, de via Pocket
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Thomas Jefferson’s “Assault Rifle” – The Girardoni Air Rifle | The Federalist Papers

The Girardoni air rifle was 22-shot, magazine-fed, nearly silent .46 caliber repeating rifle adopted in 1780 by the Austrian Army. Thomas Jefferson purchased two of these rifles, which he sent west with Lewis and Clark. Does it have a high-capacity magazine? Got it! via Pocket
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6 Things We Learned About the Democrats Last Week

We’ve had a few days from last week’s Democratic debate to digest the results and the reactions and to proceed from initial impressions to some firmer conclusions. I don’t just mean evaluations of the individual candidates but conclusions about the direction of the Democratic Party as a whole. via Pocket
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