FuturePundit: Species Death At The Hands of Artificial Intelligence?

Nick Land thinks that’s our destiny. Land thinks this shift to AI is where we’re headed. For someone like Kurzweil, this intuition is suffused with a vaguely new-age mysticism and the promise of eternal life. For Land, it basically means species death. via Pocket
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Obama Ignores the Obvious in Oregon: Yet Another Fatherless Killer – Breitbart

How President Barack Obama and countless other politicians and pundits can fail to grasp—or be unwilling to confront—the obvious connection between the breakdown of American family life and a rise in violent crime is a mystery deserving examination. via Pocket
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The Rise of ISIS and the Logic of Fanaticism

Unedited, full-length videos of Islamic State beheadings are difficult to find online. YouTube has taken most down, for instance. via Pocket
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The Amazing Inner Lives of Animals by Tim Flannery | The New York Review of Books

The free-living dolphins of the Bahamas had come to know researcher Denise Herzing and her team very well. For decades, at the start of each four-month-long field season, the dolphins would give the returning humans a joyous reception: “a reunion of friends,” as Herzing described it. via Pocket
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The Military Isn’t A Low-Wage Option For Stupid People

Last month, former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke spoke at the Brookings Institution about the economic impact of defense spending. via Pocket
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BBC – Future – Tall vs short: Which is it better to be?

Your height is a simple biological fact that you can do little to change, yet it may be influencing your destiny in ways you didn’t realise. BBC Future combed through the evidence to size up its impact on everything from your sexual allure to your bank account and your lifespan. via Pocket
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The ‘Wage Gap’ Myth That Won’t Die – WSJ

When it comes to economically foolish laws, California is second to none. A good example is the California Fair Pay Act, which Gov. Jerry Brown is expected to sign in coming days. via Pocket
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Ryan Lizza’s Deceptive Edit Of Jeb Bush Shows How Awful Media Are At Covering Conservatives

Shortly after the Oregon shooting last week, the political and media classes quickly began their ritualistic discussion of limitations on the 2nd Amendment-protected right to keep and bear arms. via Pocket
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Gun control and magical thinking | Washington Examiner

No television appearance elicits more angry comments from viewers than one in which the simple point is made that the “common sense gun control measures” (advocated petulantly by a president without so much as a day’s space — or even a few hours — between killings and performance) would do exac via Pocket
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It’s becoming springtime for dictators – The Orange County Register

In a rare burst of independence and self-interest, the California Legislature, led by largely Latino and Inland Democrats, last month defeated Gov. Jerry Brown’s attempt to cut gasoline use in the state by 50 percent by 2030. via Pocket
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