“Early Neurological Stimulation” – The Lords German Shepherds

The following is an excerpt from a article by Dr Carmen Battaglia regarding early stimulation of puppies to maximize the performance of our dogs. To read the entire article please click on http://ift.tt/1LE45Up. The U.S. via Pocket
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A Guide to Detecting an Alien Apocalypse

For more than 50 years, we’ve been eavesdropping on the cosmos, searching for transmissions that would reveal the existence of intelligent, extraterrestrial life. To date, nobody’s bothered to call. via Pocket
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The age of unreason | The Economist

IT ALL BEGAN when she lost her head. According to legend, Dimpna, a 7th-century Christian heroine, fled her native Ireland when her father, mad with grief at the death of his wife, developed an incestuous passion for his daughter. via Pocket
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Media ‘conflicted’ since TV shooter is black

Radio host Rush Limbaugh said the national news media will be conflicted in their reporting on Wednesday’s slaughter of a Virginia news crew live on the air because the shooter was a black man, and his victims were white. via Pocket
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Snooty California Liberals Upset At Blacks On Their Train

The Napa Valley Wine Train is an invention of snobbish San Francisco residents, mostly startup industry employees and assorted other nouveau riche. via Pocket
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President Obama’s legacy is a reinvigorated Republican Party across the nation. | PJ Media

The President’s True Legacy: Scott Walker? President Obama’s latest moves have focused on his legacy: the trade deal, the Iran agreement, and the new EPA rules are aimed to give the first black president a historic policy send-off. via Pocket
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Saudi Cleric Who Issued Fatwa on WMD Now with ISIS | PJ Media

A prominent Saudi cleric and ally of Osama bin Laden who issued a 2003 fatwa permitting the use of weapons of mass destruction in jihad has pledged his allegiance to the Islamic State. via Pocket
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