Dallas police: Two wanted for illegal butt injections

Police are looking for two suspects wanted for illegally injecting women’s buttocks with a substance in cosmetic procedures. We have new details of an arrest warrant for Denise Ross, 43, and her business partner, Alicia Clark. Both have extensive criminal records. via Pocket
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Inside the Ring: Special Ops targets social media – Washington Times

U.S. special operations forces, elite commandos engaged in high-risk operations around the world, are adding a new focus to their portfolio of activities: social media and other unconventional information warfare threats. via Pocket
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Watch This Creepy Drone Climb A Wall [Video] | Popular Science

There’s a reason it’s Spider-Man and not Superman who climbs up the walls of buildings: Superman can fly instead. But the KAIST Urban Robotics Lab in South Korea wants to turn flying quadcopters into wall-crawling robots that could wash windows and inspect infrastructure. via Pocket
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Nevada lawmaker wants medical marijuana for pets| Reuters

(Reuters) – A Nevada lawmaker proposed a bill in the state legislature on Tuesday that would grant ailing pets access to medical marijuana. via Pocket
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Genetically engineering mosquitoes to end malaria could have unintended consequences – Science – News – The Independent

Researchers have devised a method of bypassing a fundamental barrier to the rapid spread of genes within a population. They believe that it could be used to spread malaria-resistant genes in mosquitoes to prevent transmission of disease to people. via Pocket
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EU gears up for propaganda war with Russia – Yahoo News

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – The European Union is set to launch a first operation in a new propaganda war with Russia within days of EU leaders giving formal approval to the campaign at a summit on Thursday. via Pocket
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PM dismisses ‘French Patriot Act’ fears as spies get more powers – Yahoo News Canada

PARIS (Reuters) – French spy agencies will have more powers to bug and track would-be Islamist attackers and authorities will be able to force Internet providers to monitor suspicious behavior under a draft law unveiled on Thursday. via Pocket
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