A Better Cuba Deal – Mona Charen – Page 1

Cuban President Raul Castro has issued new demands for normalizing relations with the U.S. He wants us to lift the trade embargo, remove Cuba from the list of state sponsors of terror and give Cuba the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay. Truly. You can look it up. via Pocket
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Young Americans More Concerned About Vaccines Than Their Elders – Christine Rousselle

A new YouGov poll shows that while most Americans are in favor of requiring children to be vaccinated, a growing number of millennials (people aged 18-29) think that parents should be permitted to decide whether or not to vaccinate compared to older Americans. via Pocket
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My Mistakes About 2016 Presidential Race – Michael Barone – Page 1

Some columnists write New Year’s columns chronicling the mistakes over the last year. I don’t, but as this January has rolled on, it’s become clear I’ve made many about the 2016 presidential race. One is that I assumed Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush wouldn’t run. Now it seems both are. via Pocket
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Obama’s Narcissistic Dissing of Israel – David Limbaugh – Page 1

Like petulant children, Obama and his crew treat any resistance to their agenda as unprovoked hostility, personally directed at Obama, and lash out personally at those who would resist their dubious and aggressive behavior. via Pocket
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Obama’s Taliban Tools and Treachery – Michelle Malkin – Page 1

To call President Obama’s Afghanistan policy a mess is a colossal understatement. To call it a coherent “policy,” for that matter, is a gut-busting exaggeration. It’s a bloody, incompetent and treacherous disaster. via Pocket
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Michael Moore’s Long Tradition of Defaming Heroes – Humberto Fontova – Page 1

The “military hero as coward” motif has a long tradition with Michael Moore. But his earlier oinkings in this regard–well before the release of American Sniper– were aimed at much safer targets. via Pocket
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Harvey Weinstein’s P.C. Oscar Campaign – Brent Bozell – Page 1

The Academy Awards is meant to be the world’s most prestigious honors for achievement in movies. Politics should have nothing to do with it, but, increasingly, that’s not so. Hollywood is now regularly treading beyond “artistic excellence” and letting political overtones sway the outcome. via Pocket
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Hostility to Tradition – Erick Erickson – Page 1

In the 90s, the Clinton Administration formed a bipartisan coalition to pass the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act, or RFRA. Nineteen states followed suit. via Pocket
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Lost Words, Lost Worlds – Paul Greenberg – Page 1

It’s a slim little book that had a powerful impact as this country and the rest of the world hovered on the edge of war in 1939: “Mrs. Miniver” by Jan Struther, which began as a collection of short newspaper columns in the Times about the daily life of an English household in suburban London. via Pocket
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GDP: Gross Disapponting Presidency – John Ransom – Townhall Finance Conservative Columnists and Financial Commentary – Page 1

GDP growth cooled to 2.6% for the fourth quarter according to the Commerce Department’s preliminary report. Economists were expecting growth of around 3 to 3 1/2%. via Pocket
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