‘Mexican cartels flooding U.S. with meth’

(SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE) Methamphetamine seizures at U.S. ports of entry on the California-Mexico border reached unprecedented levels in fiscal 2014, as drug trafficking organizations strive to smuggle growing quantities of the low-cost Mexican-made product into the United States. U.S. via Pocket
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Dershowitz is Innocent – Breitbart

Renowned defense lawyer Alan Dershowitz is proclaiming his innocence after he was accused, among others, of raping a minor in a civil lawsuit against his former client Jeffrey Epstein. The unnamed accuser has not filed criminal charges against him, nor has she sued him personally. via Pocket
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Man told ‘winning’ lottery ticket worthless

(FOXNEWS) — By John Wines’ calculation, the scratch-off ticket he bought at a Roswell, N.M., gas station is worth $500,625. The state lottery says it is worthless. Wines, a retired heating and air conditioning repairman, bought the $20 “Ruby 7s” ticket on Dec. via Pocket
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Corn syrup ‘more toxic than table sugar’

(OREGONLIVE) — High-fructose corn syrup, found in sodas and many processed foods, appears to be more toxic than table sugar, a new study found. Researchers at the University of Utah looked at the effect of the two ingredients on mice. via Pocket
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Surprising details on alcohol poisoning

(ABCNEWS.GO) — Alcohol poisoning kills more than six people each day in America, according to a new report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released today. But they’re not the people that even experts thought were vulnerable. via Pocket
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Manny Edwards takes wicked weapon into wilderness

Manny Edwards reviews the ESEE 5, an extremely rugged survival knife designed for fighter pilots. It has a glass-breaker pommel, tough micarta handle, a quarter-inch thick razor-sharp blade and it weighs a full pound. via Pocket
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Does your college allow free speech?

Will any of the 2016 presidential candidates mention the many colleges that widely censor students’ free speech? Probably not. via Pocket
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New book questions Christianity’s foundation

(NEWSADVANCE) — Leave it to Jan Linn to put a unique spin on the resurrection of Jesus. via Pocket
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Dispelling the myth of haves and have-nots

The U.S Constitution was designed to preserve the freedom and rights of all citizens. Our Declaration of Independence states that all men are created equal and that we have certain God-given rights. via Pocket
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Missing link – IFTTT

Zaloa Azkorra, an agricultural engineer of the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country, is conducting research at the University School of Mining and Public Works Engineering into the benefits provided by green walls. via Pocket
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